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implementing Boxes, Points, Variables, Tags

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How can I implement the boxes, points, variables and tags ?

Do I have to keep their current references at the current time in an array or something inside the Animation object (from scml reference) ?


[Edit : I think I get it with Point and Tags. I guess same thing apply to variables. I wondering why we can put variables everywhere. Only on the meta timeline matters in my opinion]

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hi loudo.

Boxes work like sprites, only without images

Points work like boxes with that have no xscale,yscale, or pivotpoint.

For variables and tags, yes, you should store your current place.

I apologize for the inaccurate documentation. You are correct that you only need to worry about it in the meta timeline.

We are in the process of writing new, up to date, thorough documentation, but this will take some time as we are also finishing up Spriter 1.0.

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