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Trying to do a animation of rain drops

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I'm trying to simulate a small rain storm. Right now I'm just trying to get 2 raindrops to stat6 falling at diffent times.

I have a image called big rain drop and small raindrop.

my idear was to have 4 keyframes that would

key frame 1-start big rain drop animtion

key frame 2-start small rain drop animtion

key frame 3 stop big rain drop animtion

key frame 4 stop small rain drop animtion

so i want the big rain drop to tween between keyframes 1 and 3

and have the small rain drop tween between frames 2 and 4.

No matter what I did it would not work. I also tried to add the small rain drop to frme 2, then drag and drop from the object pallett, but it would not drah the object the curser turn to a circle with a line through it whjen I dragged it over the screen.

It seems like all the tweens share the same time line, is what II'm trying to do possable on your software???

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Use copy and past to ad your raindrops to all required keyframes, or drag it from the objects palette (the little thunbnail of the image, not the name)

The universal no symbol (all us old people call it "the Ghostbusters symbol" ;) ) means you're trying to drag a sprite onto the frame that is already present in the frame.

You can definately animate a rainstorm in Spriter. The new snapping and ruler features in version b7 will really help make sure the timing and looping are perfect as well.


Mike at BrashMonkey

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