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How to scale bone in Spriter pro withoud affecting its children

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Hi all,

my name is Giovanni. I hope this message finds you well.

I am writing this post because I need help with Spriter Pro, which I acquired trough Steam.

My question is: how can I scale a bone of the skeleton of my character, without affecting the child bones? For example I would like to extend the lower arm (scale on x axis), but I don't want the hands of my character to be bigger/smaller than default dimensions.

The reason of the bones hierarchy is to move the hands when I rotate the lower arm. In two words I want the hands to be attached to the lower arm, but not scaled if I have to extend my character lower arm.

Thank you so much for your attention,

Best regards

Giovanni Battilana




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Thank you for the timely reply.

Unfortunately holding the right mouse button over the parent bone did not prevent the child bone to be scaled with it. I had to manually reset the scaling properties of the child bone in order to obtain a longer (scaled) parent bone and a non-scaled child bone.


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