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New Spriter build next week, and new Art Pack released!


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Hi everyone, Back with a quick update to let you know what's we've been working on.

On the Spriter front, I'm pleased to announce the long wait for a new build is almost over. In fact, sometime next week we'll be releasing a test build on our forums for community-wide testing.

To summarize whats been done and what still needs to be done for this next release:

All of the functionality for the next version is in there. The timeline is mostly complete, and much more responsive, reliable, solid, and looks a bit prettier. The variable and tagging system is completely finished. What's left now is a few small things like re-enabling the sound timeline controls to the new timeline system, and just some more internal testing and fixing whatever immediate bugs we find.

I'm also pleased to report that Mike has just finished and released the Adventure Platformer Animated Art Pack.

You can preview the full version of the new Art Pack here (Chrome or Firefox highly recommended)

And you can preview the “Essentials” version of the new Art Pack here

This is sort of a “sister” to the Basic Platformer Pack in that they are compatible with each other and based on the same gray player character. This means that any “skins” (such as the female character, the cat or the robot) will work with either Art Pack, and that any alternate head or body part images that you or any artist makes for one art pack will work with the other.

The big difference with this new art pack is that the player character has been fully fitted with a suit of armor, a cape and a sword and shield. Each of these parts of the characters attire can be hidden or swapped out at any time using “character maps” to facilitate games where the player can acquire new armor, weapons, shields etc.

This new Art Pack also features several new animations so the player can attack with his sword, block with his shield, fall to his back, get back to his feet, and throw projectiles with his free hand.

Aside from the female player skin and the anthropomorphized cat skins, the art pack comes with a new enemy goblin skin, so you can reuse the full set of player animations to create robustly animated humanoid enemy characters as well.

On top of all that, this new art pack features several new animated enemy characters ranging from a giant spider and bat, to the grim reaper.

Because the Basic Platformer Animated Art Pack and the new Adventure Platformer Animate Art Pack share some content, anyone who has already purchased the Basic Platformer Animated Art Pack is eligible for a 50 percent discount on this new art pack. (just email mail@brashmonkey.com with your purchase information for the Basic Platformer Pack and request your coupon code.) This discount offer is also extended to any Kickstarter backer who had already taken the Basic Platformer Pack as one of their tier rewards.

Similarly, we've also made a new “Bundle Package” available to extend the same saving to those who have not purchased the Basic Platformer Pack yet, but would like to purchase it and the Adventure Platformer Pack.

All current Spriter Pro owners should be receiving an email within the next few days with a download link for the Essentials version of this new Art Pack and anyone who purchases Spriter Pro from now on will receive the Essentials version of this new Art Pack effective immediately.


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