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Status Update (1-11-14) - Upcoming Features


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Hi everyone, While we'd hoped to get a new build out for the new year but obviously didn't quite make it, at least we're finally close enough to give you a sneak peek of whats to come in the next build.


As you can see, this new feature will allow you to add (or change the value of) gameplay related variables and tags to any object (sprites, bones, collision rectangles, action points) at any point on the timeline in an animation. This feature will allow you to edit (in a visual and intuitive manner) gameplay related information that is synced with the animations you create.

For example, now you'll be able to assign specific values to the collision rectangles you create. Imagine for example, creating animations for a fighting game and being able to assign specific numeric values to each collision rectangle, designating the exact amount of damage that each collision rectangle would inflict at any point in the timeline.

This could also be used to tell your game engine which specific projectile to spawn from any particular action-point, or what power-level it should be, etc etc.

Tags will allow you to create assignable traits to entire animations or sets of tags that change dynamically throughout the animation to designate that a specific part of the special move should be , or that the entire animation should cause , etc.

So now that you know whats coming, we promise were working very hard to release the new build as soon as possible. Many great things to come in this new year...sorry for the unwanted but unavoidable delay. We promise to do our best to make Spriter 1.0 well worth the wait.

Chronology on Steam Greenlight

I'd also like to take this opportunity to direct your attention to a fantastic looking game by Osao Games, called Chronology, featuring Spriter animations.

If you think game looks like a ton of fun, please show it some love and help vote it up on Steam Greenlight.


Edgar at BrashMonkey.

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