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improved OSX support, please


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i love the Spriter and think it's a great tool, however since i spent most my time working on OSX i'd love to see a little improvements to the interface / shortcuts.

Here's the list of things i'd love to see:

- fullscreen support - with the dock on bottom and status bar on top, spriter gets kinda squished :/

- zoom-in, zoom-out keyboard shortcuts: cmd+space opens spotlight by default, cmd+alt+space opens finder :/ maybe ctrl+'+' ctrl+'-' ?

- touchpad support - currently it's almost impossible to do anything in spriter using touchpad (i know that 99.99% of the users use the mouse, but...)

may not be pure OSX improvement, but could be nice:

- tablet support - using generic tablet shortcuts for position manipulation (like lmb+space for panning the view, which is moving stylus with pen-button pressed) (this seems more reasonable for artists as they got their tablets connected anyways)

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Thanks for the kind words and your AWESOME work on the Spriter2Unity tool you're creating.

We'll definately be switching focus to general stability and workflow improvements once the remaining 1.0 features are in.

Please bear in mind Spriter's stability at this time is highly dependant on the system and os combination its being run on. As you'd expect, it runs quite smoothly and stable on the systems Edgar and I use to develop and test Spriter on...because we can find, figure out and fix any bugs or crashes we see..and know when they're fixed.

For bugs that don't appear on any of our devices, we have to rely completely on detailed bug reporting from users who discover the issues on their systems.

We have a feeling though that most of the stability issues actually stem from the same root causes, so its highly likely stability will drastically improve on the systems currently having issues once we manage to find and fixc the cause of any one of them.


Mike at BrashMonkey

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