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same hot keys as C2

James W

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This HAD some truth to it way back. Lucid was an active member of the C2/Scirra community. He did talk about developing a tool to do such animations. While his activity has dropped since then. He still on the forums here and there. however when Kickstarter for Spriter started the entire project shifted for more than a C2 tool.

With that though. I believe the only official plugin that is being written is the C2 Spriter Plugin. Where as getting the SCML file into other tools and languages requires other devolopers.

So Lucid has been great in supporting Spriter with C2. Also i do believe that the Brashmonkey game is written in Construct if not Construct 2. but I could be wrong with that.

Lucid's post of the Spriter C2 Plugin

http://www.scirra.com/forum/spriter-c2- ... 59694.html

Any ways. it doesn't matter. The tool has far outgrown the original concept of being a parrallel C2 tool.

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Hi everyone,

To clarify a little, Spriter was always intended, even at its earliest stages in concept and development to be a tool for export and use in any and all development platforms. Construct and Construct2 were its birthplace because Edgar and I were both long-time members of the community and have great respect and apreciation for the level of flexibility and ease of use that scirra's authoring systems offer.

And while Edgar does have his hand in the development oh the Spriter plug-in for Construct2, it's developing rapidly due to Ashley's(the developer of Construct2) active participation and cooperation in making the plug-in and ensuring its as thoroughly and intuitively integrated into Construct2 as possible.

For these reasons the it's highly likely Construct 2 will be the first authoring system with full and perfectly integrated Spriter support...but will not be the last. And, in a sense, because its being developed in cooperation with scirra, and will be a free and built in part of Construct2 (when its finished), its not exactly or simply an "official first party plug-in". We hope that we will be able to follow this development model with many other authoring systems.

We're confident that what we'll be able to demonstrate when Spriter 1.0 and the C2 plug-in are finished will entice the developers and communities of many other authoring systems to take such an active roll in implementing Spriter support, and Edgar will then have the time to take an equally active roll in their development.


Mike at BrashMonkey

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I never heard the news that they were going to merge the tool into C2 someday. That would be soooo cool. It will increase the cost of C2 though. Which is ok.

I agree with brainwedge. It will make an impact and also standardize the animation style in C2. Away from Spritesheets to what ever the style is called.

Looking forward to that day.

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Let me clarify,

Its very possible Spriter support (the scml plugin) will be a default part of C2, but NOT Spriter itself. There is always the free version of Spriter as well, so C2 users will be benifiting greatly from Spriter support at no extra charge unless they want to take advantage of Spriter's Pro features, our art packs etc.


Mike at BrashMonkey

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