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Bug while saving the .scml


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I'm stuck with this bug:

I know the .scml hold information about every image piece needed for the animations.

I built my animation and saved the file as .scml , no problem until here. When I opened the file with notepad++ I noticed something odd.

The .scml file was keeping tracking of old image files that I have used and then decided not to use them anymore and deleted them.

So I ran some tests and confirmed the issue:

This is what I'm doing:

Adding a .png file to the canvas -> Deleting the .png file from the canvas -> Saving the .scml

After that I eddit the .scml and I find the deleted .png is still referred over there.

I don't think this is supposed to happen, as the image is not present in my project anymore but keeps being saved at the .scml.

Once the image is added to the canvas, I have to keep it forever at my project otherwise the .scml won't run at my game as it keeps missing the files.

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