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Cannot access all my sprites when right clicking on sprite.


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Hi again Spriter community. I want to swap sprites mid animation (feet, arms etc) but have come across a problem. The sprite list runs horizontally off the screen and I can't select the ones which run off. I realize this is because I have a lot of sprites but surely there must be a workaround for this. Please see attached picture and correct me if I am doing anything wrong here. Thank you.


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Thanks for the suggestion. I'll add something in a future build to make sure it fits on screen

For now there are two ways around this. The first, is to select the sprite, and then right click on the replacement sprite in the file palette to replace the currently selected sprite.

The second method would require you to restart your character. Spriter will have features in a future version that allow you to change around your file structure without breaking your animation, but that isn't implemented yet. If you're not too far along, though - you can separate the files into separate folders (like head, hands, etc), and then imagestrip source will be only the source folder for that particular image.

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