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Spriter 2 alpha version 0.9.3 release


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Change Log


  • Major UI Overhaul
    • Introduced dockable, floatable, and resizable panels for enhanced customizability
    • Added menu items to toggle panel visibility and reset to the default panel layout
  • Redesigned Z-Order Panel
    • Improved usability with a persistent interface, but kept convenience right-click option to adjust z-order without navigating to the panel
    • Automatic zooming of the z-order panel based on its width
  • Redesigned Image and Sound Palettes
    • Improved usability with a persistent interface
    • Now features easier folder navigation with buttons to navigate to project root or parent folder
    • Added a blue outline to the mesh and the panel to indicate "Add Swappable Image to Set" mode
    • Added a lock toggle to stay in "Add Swappable Image to Set" mode


Changes and Enhancements

  • Extended top menu bar across the entire screen
  • Temporarily removed video help


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where upon loading a project, textures applied to existing meshses would tile if the mesh cage was adjusted
  • Fixed a bug where adding swappable images to a mesh would add a separate z-order entry for the alternate images


Known issues

  • Non-mesh children of strokes don't update in real-time when using ik
  • Visual bug when images armed for adding swappable image and mesh in reposition mode
  • Some pop-up ui elements appear below panels
  • Z-order window images do no change when mesh images are swapped



New Z-Order Window:


New File Palette:


Automatic character setup with swappable images with PSD file: 

(add "__swap" to a group name to set up those images as swappable)




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