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Looking for some volunteer work


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I'm making a HTML5/JS game. Which is currently fairly along the way :) However I've hit a bit of a roadblock. My dragon needs animating and I didn't realize that animating a side view of a dragon is HARD. I mean really hard.

So I was hoping that maybe some more skilful individuals wouldn't mind volunteering some animation work and a couple of images. It's relatively little work for what game art usually entails. I've drawn a default grey dragon for the animation using inkscape, but it does lack the right frame for a wing flap.

If anyone could volunteer some work to do

* Wing flap sprite

* jumping

* descending

* flapping

* start run

* run

* land

* skid

* turn( if this requires more animation images. then it can be skipped)

Here is a snapshot of the grey template dragon


please don't criticize to harshly, I'm not much of an artist either :D

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Hi jayderyu,

Sorry I haven't responded to this until now. One great thing about Spriter is even for those of us not skilled in art or animating, we can still make placeholder animations (if if they look really basic and rough) and get it all working in the game.

This is what I recommend you do...It's very hard to ask someone for free help for a game they can't see, which might never come to fruition...

On the other hand, if you got the game mostly working, but with your own placeholder animations (no matter how bad they looked), it would make artists much more willing to help, as it would be much more clear that they would not be doing free work for nothing.

Nothing entices an artist (who might be willing to contribute work) more than an already working game with bad art that they can replace.

best of luck with your project!


Mike at BrashMonkey

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