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Shporter: A Flash timeline exporter for Spriter


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Do you have animations done in Flash but you want to use Spriter instead? Look no further! Shporter is here.

Shporter is a Flash timeline animation exporter extension for the Flash IDE. It'll rip out the animation data, save PNGs and export a valid SCML file. There are some caveats and I am working on sample files so you can see and avoid those pitfalls and easily export your old Flash animations into Spriter.

Let me know what yall think. Thanks!

Project Page: http://oopstoons.com/projects/shporter/

Latest Version: http://oopstoons.com/shporter-a-flash-t ... -exporter/

Github: https://github.com/oopstoons/shporter

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Really interested in Shporter. Any chance of a quick How-To? The Shporter page on oopstoon provides no clues.

We have a flash timeline of keyframed pngs each on their own layer.

Running command shporter gives us:

PNG - library selection

PNG - timeline selection

Spriter - all main elements

Spriter - library selection

Spriter - timeline selection.

Which of these should we use and what do we need to output? So far we've seen a small scml file with very little information in it. One of these choices creates a Delete this Fla and batches each keyframe through it but ends up outputting all the keys as the same file name over and over again.


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