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Bones Initial Position and Width


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I'm new to Spriter and have 2 questions:

1. I have a high resolution monitor, and when I place a bone it's just a tiny sliver, which is difficult to see (like the tiny toolbar icons too). This makes setting the correct pivot point for the bone very difficult. Is there a better way to place bones on new animations? For instance, if I have an arm with 3 parts and 2 joints that overlap at the wrist and elbow. How do I get the pivot at the correct spot when the next arm layer is covering up the spot where i need to precisely place the bone. So I can't really see the shape below to accurately place the bone.

2. When the bone is initially placed, it's just a tiny sliver on my monitor. Is there a way to make it wider so I can see it?



1. Allow Alt+Ctrl left mouse click to start a bone on the closest pivot point below the cursor. This would save a LOT of time fussing around to get the pivot correct.

2. Allow the interface to be scaled. On my monitor the toolbar and dialog buttons are the size of a embroidery pin head. And that's tiny...

Thanks for creating this software!

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Hi @Sophtware
1) Unfortunately we've switched over to full time development of Spriter 2 so we won't be updating Spriter, and it does not have any built in way to deal with modern high res monitors, but maybe this would help:

2) see above.

Regarding your suggestions, hopefully the youtube video will make Spriter comfortably useable for you and in the meantime Spriter 2 (which you'll get as a free upgrade if you won Spriter Pro) is being made with compatibility with high res displays from day one so none of these issues should carry over to Spriter 2.


Sorry there's no direct fix for these issues in Spriter.

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