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Bug and Crash Report Thread for Beta Pre-Release(3/25)


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Ok so I have found that if I paste the keyframes in, the objects disappear after a second, but if I then try dragging objects from the palette into those now empty keyframes, the objects that were originally pasted it will randomly appear and disappear as I drag the items in. I have pasted in the entire character, and then the parts disappeared, so I had started by dragging the head and torso from the palette when the other parts started randomly appearing and disappearing again...

Just wanted to add this as it is some additional weirdness with Copy/Paste currently.

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thanks bluephaze,

4/8/13 10:13

    [*:4t9kfa5u]fixed a bug where deleting something would show objects (from a different key) in the deleted objects place temporarily until you moved your mouse
    [*:4t9kfa5u]fixed a bug where copy pasting keys to cloned animations wasn't copying at all, and copy pasting keys to a different animation was creating the copied keys, but not adding them to the mainKey, so they wouldn't be visible in the canvas
    [*:4t9kfa5u]fixed a bug where a single selected object wouldn't display the correct scale values in the object properties widget
    [*:4t9kfa5u]fixed a bug where dragging the alpha slider in the obj prop dialog quickly would leave the alpha spin box at the incorrect number
    [*:4t9kfa5u]fixed a bug where changing the alpha of a sprite or sprites then coming back and reselecting those sprites would result in strange behavior (usually involving the sprites disappearing altogether)
    [*:4t9kfa5u]fixed a bug where cloned animations weren't allowing keys to be created under certain circumstances

there are undoubtedly more bugs in there, but this will be tonight's wider release, and we'll be back to work adding features and fixing bugs tomorrow

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