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Hi everyone. Don't worry, I've not fallen off of the planet, to recap, I've been hard at work on the mass optimizations which should result in a great speed increase, as well as make adding the remaining features go faster and smoother once this new build is done. Sorry it's taking longer than I had hoped, but is definitely the best way to get Spriter Pro realized and ship-shape as soon as possible.

Thanks everyone for your patience and support. Now back to coding!

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Good to know you're hard on the task :)

I know the next version is going to be focused in stability but I would like to ask about the availability of adding meta data to the used entities in the scene.

We're using Spriter to compose menus and screens and it'll be hugely useful to be able to add extra information (like a font size and type in a text place holder).

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards,


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