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Bone "layers" ?


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I have been working on a project for quite a few years now and we had an idea in our head that wasn't possible

without Spriter or something like it. We are very excited for this program as we can now incorporate that idea into the game!

Just a few comments/suggestions:

The game previously was a top down, pixel by pixel animated game. I have since broken the sprite into pieces and I am now working on re-animating the walk cycle with body "pieces". I have a couple of issues:

-With such a small character it is hard to set up bones and know what bone should be the parent, etc.

I am wondering if it is better to make the whole sprite one bone with connecting parts, or have the legs

separate bone systems? (This is more of a question of "how to utilize" rather than a suggestion as I believe what I want to do is already functional, I'm just not quite sure how to do it yet)

-Also, from the side angle it is very difficult to select between images and bones, and I have no way to occlude "groups" of objects. If I could designate a way to set a "Group" of objects complete with bones for easier selection this would be great.

-Grids! I need visual cues of space, and a grid feature would be awesome.

I appreciate any comments to help me use the program better :)

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Hi Peach,

Once all critical Spriter Pro features are finished and stable, time will be spent to create a low-res pixel-art friendly mode and set of features for Spriter. Part of this will be making sure grabing, manitulating and seing tiny images and bones is not a problem.

For now, did you see up at the top of the canvas window there are options to hide or lock bones or sprites. This will help you avoid grabbing images when you want to grab bones.


Mike at BrashMonkey

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