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PNG Batch export issue with bounding box


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I am having a very frustrating issue with batch exports. I set all animations bounding box bottoms to my animated character's feet. When I export individually using "trim rect to animation" or "set to animation preset" the bottoms are fine. No padding is added. 

If I use "trim rect to entity" or "trim rect to all entities" I get padding on the bottom. This all becomes unusable. What is going on with this? How do I create sprite sheets or individual images with the same sized rect for all without Spriter shifting everything upward with padding?

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We might have to see your actual project to be able to figure out exactly what's happening. As a guess maybe your animations have the character's feet at different heights relative to the zero/zero coordinate (sometimes called the hot-spot or anchor point) of the animation.

Could you zip up your whole spriter project (the folder with spriter or scon file alond with all the images it uses)and email it to mike@brashmonkey.com and I'll take a look ASAP?


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