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I'm confused as to what my $25 contribution gives me. The email I got states "...starting with the original version immediately available for download, which comes with the free Construct Classic plug-in for easily loading your Spriter character into Construct based directx games". Is that the free beta that is available for anyone, or is there a link to a special download I missed somewhere?

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Hi Blodyaugust,

Sorry for the confusion. Right now the only version of the new Spriter is the public beta which you surely already have, but as soon as Edgar and I have a chance to get through the ocean of info from the Kichstarter campaign, we'll be emailing all backers with a link to the full pro version of the old spriter as well.(hopefully in a day or two) While the old Spriter does have many of the features that the new Spriter is currently lacking (Like sound triggering, variables. CharMaps etc) this will change quickly and I'd assume most Spriter backers are more likely to just keep using the beta of the new version and wait for these other features to appear.

To put it mildly, the new Spriter has such a drastically improved interface that most who've used it would not likely bother to use the original Spriter. (I can say this honestly despite having created the original Spriter ;) )

The Construct Classic plug-in is at beta stage and is freely availible on the Construct forums but I'm having trouble finding the actual thread/link right now. As soon as I see Edgar online I'll get this info posted here for you. It will be in the mass email to all backers as well.



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