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Tweening the animations

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I have implemented an importer for java with openGL with libgdx. But for the animations I have a problem.

I interpolate the positions between the frames linearly. For every sprite in the current frame I check, if the same sprite also exists in the next frame. If yes, I interpolate their values like position, angle and so on linearly depending of the current time between these two frames.

But while importing the walking knight, I realized, that not all sprite must occur in all frames.

If a sprite does not exist in the next frame and instead another sprite (different foot image for example) should be displayed, I dont know, how I should know, that I have to interpolate the values of these sprites, since they have different images attached.

Since I see, that in spriter the animation works, I would like to know, if there exist some other information the in the file that I oversee?

Thank you,


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not sure where (website, forum, kickstarter) but i've read that you give out the file format descriptions to developers for early integration into their game/tools etc.

where would one need to apply to get access to the file formats build up description (instead of digging through the xml) ?

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hey mr. ugly

our latest kickstarter update contains the file format description, and I'll sticky it in the forums. Enough devs have used it successfully to implement it within a day or two, so it's public now:

Please read the fileformat.pdf first, especially the disclaimer that it's a beta file format, and implementations will need to be changed before 1.0:

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1013446/Spriter ... elease.zip

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