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  1. I have one thought about the image size or image scale property. I am developing my games for different plattforms. For me it would be great, if the artist could create the animations once with the big size images and then scale all images at once to a smaller size and store it in a different folder for the smartphone variant of the game. If the spriter format stores the image size in pixel, he could just exchange the images and everything looks still ok and would be stretched accordingly. What do the other think? Would releative or absolut values for image width or scaleX be better? Bye, Chris
  2. Summary: This package imports the spriter format scml into a dom-like java model and provides a basic drawer for drawing it with openGL on the screen. Currently it supports basic tweening by linearly interpolate the attributes of the sprites between key frames. That needs to be reimplemented later. Quick Start: Import the Spriter-File: spriterObjectHero = SpriterImporter.importFile( Gdx.files.internal("data/hero/BetaFormatHero.SCML"), new TextureProvider()); spriterObjectHero.getAllTextures(); Note: The Spriter-object itself doesnt handle the textures, as they will probably handled outside. Instead it demands a texture provider, which gives back the needed Textures for the given image paths. Draw the Spriter object: SpriterDrawer.draw(spriteBatch, spriterObjectHero, "walk", 99, 150, 50, true, true); Note: this draws the spriter object with the animation "walk" at keyframe 99 at position 150:50. The last parameters defines, if the animation should be displayed repeating or not and if the animations should be tweened. Download: libGDX-Forum: http://www.badlogicgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=3863 Source-code: http://www.badlogicgames.com/forum/download/file.php?id=717 demo-video: http://www.badlogicgames.com/forum/download/file.php?id=675 Feedback: Feedback is welcome. The source is maily java core, sou it should be portable in any other language. I will implement the other features of spriter as they come and if they are interesting for my developments. So others are invited to enhance the java driver, too. Please contact me at chris.f.news@gmx.de
  3. Hi, I definetly plan to update the importer for libgdx when a new spriter version comes out. And since its a very low level implementation with opengl and java it should be easily portable to c++, too. If somebody writes an importer for c++, too, I would also like to connect each other to improver our implementations. So, It would be nice, If I could get recent updates with new spriter versions even if I am only a 25$ supporter. bye, Chris
  4. Hello, I have implemented an importer for java with openGL with libgdx. But for the animations I have a problem. I interpolate the positions between the frames linearly. For every sprite in the current frame I check, if the same sprite also exists in the next frame. If yes, I interpolate their values like position, angle and so on linearly depending of the current time between these two frames. But while importing the walking knight, I realized, that not all sprite must occur in all frames. If a sprite does not exist in the next frame and instead another sprite (different foot image for example) should be displayed, I dont know, how I should know, that I have to interpolate the values of these sprites, since they have different images attached. Since I see, that in spriter the animation works, I would like to know, if there exist some other information the in the file that I oversee? Thank you, Chris
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