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MMF2 integration, other questions


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You can use the serial more than once. Feel free to install on your work computer as well.

Hi, I would like to know how the mmf2 integration will work in the future.

Also, I spend my time both at home and in work, so I would like to know if I can use the serial more than one time.

Thanks a lot!

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Thanks very much for supporting us with your purchase. We're not sure when the all new Spriter will be released, but expect a fairly solid public alpha within the next month or so. The current Spriter Pro can already export finished anims as sequential PNG images and the new Spriter will be able to do the same once it is officially at verion 1.0.

Unfortunately we're still working on getting a programmer to make the MMF2 Plug-in, os its not even begun yet.. The one for Construct Classic is nearly finished however and is already availible for public alpha testing.

hi i'm italian 2 days ago i bought spriter pro also to wish a prompt release of the new spriter. when aproxli will be released? and also when it will be integrated in mmf2? or to avoid this plugin release it will be inserted png export of animation like in bannedstory software? thanks a lot
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Hi all,

here a small update on the extension. I have integrated almost completely the C++ template. Just for fun and in order to let you appreciate what is coming, here a small video:

I have some few bugs to fix but I am at 90% of progress before posting a beta version. With all features of Spriter Pro (including sounds, tags, variables, events)

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