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  1. Was there ever an update to this? Where's the download link?
  2. I know this is a long shot and probably won't ever happen. But, thought I'd start a topic to see what the community thought about this. I wouldn't expect every feature to be packed in a theoretical iPad/iPhone version, just the basics like importing parts and doing basic animations. Then, sync it back to the desktop application with iCloud or Dropbox or whatever for the more advanced stuff. I think this would benefit users on the go. Somedays, I'd bring my iPad along with me to the park and doodle a little when resting at a bench, for example. And I'd be able to do this instead. As far as I'm aware, there isn't anything like Spriter on iOS (If there is, please let me know!), and I'd personally love it.
  3. I couldn't find this suggested anywhere. On OS X, when using the Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad, it is too easy to accidentally scroll - which rapidly zooms in/out. Is there any way to change it so I can maybe hold down Control or something to zoom in/out when scrolling? If not, I'd love to have this feature implemented.
  4. http://www.create-games.com/article.asp?id=2261 If you can already export .png files using Spriter, then this (I imagine) shouldn't be too hard to implement. That article explains the entire process of importing a sprite sheet into MMF2. Including the Hot Spot and Action Point positions.
  5. Is there going to be tweened PNGs in this build? And also curious on MMF2 support.
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