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Un Update to Spriter Pro and Spriter Lite

Mike at BrashMonkey

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I'm pleased to announce Spriter Pro and Spriter Lite version 0.83

On top of general bug fixes and tweaks, theres a couple of new features that I think will help save a lot of time while workin on complex animations.

1) If you hold Shift while placing a new image into the frame, it will either:

a) place the new image all the way beneath all the other images (lowest z-order)...This is if you have no other image selected before hand.

b) place the new image in a specific z-order location relative to the other images... If you have image 7 selected before you place a new image with Shift held down, the new image will insert itself into the number 7 z-order spot!

2) Holding Shift while performing transforms like scale and rotate to multiple selected images will perform the transform to all the images x, y coordinates as well...this allows you to perform transforms to completed frames or assembled parts as though they are one cohesive part instead of individual pieces.

please re-download Spriter Lite from http://www.brashmonkey.com and give it a try.

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Sorry for the long silence. I've been ill and Lucid has been hard at work on the soon to be beta stage public release of the new Spriter.

For now the best way to get up to date Spriter news is to keep an eye out for posts by Lucid on the forums at http://www.scirra.com in the Construct Classic section.

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