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  1. Hello, I would like know how is going the development of Spriter for Construct 2. Thanks.
  2. Hello folks of brashmonkey! I would like know if the spriter will have a feature to change his "looking and feel" template? Did you saw the Construct 2, with Win 7 interface? is amazing and clean.
  3. How they will work? will open the software in another window or will work like a behavior?
  4. Hello! The images was created using Fireworks, saved in 256 colors with alpha channel (transparent). I bought the early adopted version, when I'll get into the alpha? =P ----------------- Another issue is about the windows size and his configuration. I hate to re-configure everything every time I close the software and re-open it. Look what's happening, all the windows are overlapping my Windows Bar. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/47035927/windowssize.png ---------------- Using the PRO 0.83 version, if you create a new project, it will bug, because the saved file need an "image" folder to stop flashi
  5. BrashAdmin, that export button with all the sequencial would be nice, but I wanna suggest you to make them to be in separated layer images but with the maximum size of all them together, so, you'll can meet all the images over each other easy in GM and don't will worry about offsets.
  6. import stripped images, with autosize, like you select a image, then fill a option to divide it in X tiles and Y tiles, doing each sprite automatically, like in Indie Game Maker.
  7. I imported a set of images in png, it's showing a X in his place, only one is showing correct.
  8. So, I read somewhere this software can export data to be placed on GM, but I can't find anything like this feature inside the menus. Please developer, give us some attention. thx.
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