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This program is what I have been looking for, for some time. I have seen some attempts at a program like this but never this functional.

I found this though a post on the Game Maker Comunity Yoyo games forums.

I am at a loss though on how to use any of this with Game Maker 8. I read you post about a plain english ini file, but I don't see that either.

Any help on how I would use things created with this program with GM8?

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The .SPRTR files that spriter creates are actually just INI files. you can load them into any text editor like notepad to read them... you could also rename their extension to .INI so that you could load and manipulate them with any program that can manipulate INI files. If you do load a .SPRTR file into something like notepad you will find its quite easy to read and understand.

I'm still trying to get good engineer(s) to help with the creation of plug-ins for GM and other game authoring systems so that they will support Spriters files in a very easy and intuitive fashion... I'll post information here ASAP when this happens.

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How to use it with Game Maker:

Export the animation as PNG's to a folder.

In Game Maker, make a new sprite, and click the Import Images button once you've opened the editor. Go to the folder, and select all the frames at once (use Shift.) Then load the images. Boom! You've got the animation all nice and neat into Game Maker Sprite Editor!

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