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Remaining Roadmap for Spriter 2 v1.0


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Hello everyone,
    We're happy to announce that this upcoming build of Spriter 2 will be feature complete for the official 1.0 release.  That doesn't mean this version will officially be 1.0, but all the main features will be there.  There is still a bit to do before this release, including fixing all the known bugs, and polishing up the UI for the latest features, so thank you for your continued patience, and we'll keep you updated along the way.  
    There are also quite a few additional features (some of which we've mentioned in the past) we plan to add as free updates after 1.0.  While we're still not ready to announce a firm release date for this upcoming release or 1.0, after releasing this build to our community of testers (anyone who owns Spriter Pro or pre-ordered Spriter 2) and once we've had time to gather feedback we'll be in a better position to make a real estimate. 

Here's what's left on the roadmap to 1.0:

0.9 (in development)

  • Fix all currently known bugs
  • Polish UI for latest features



  • Finalize save format
  • Unity runtime
  • Mac version
  • Linux version
  • All community bugs
  • Possible QoL additions based on testing and feedback
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