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Spriter plugin in Construct 3

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Hi, please help me, I purchased Spriter Pro, and already using it in Construct 3
Tell me which option will be better for performance in construct 3 ?
I have 25 enemies and i need 5 identical animations for each of them.
There can only be one enemy in a fight scene.

Option 1
I create 5 animations for each enemy using regular PNG sprites, 4 images for each animation
So, in the result: 25 * 5 * 4 = 500 images (png)
Looks good for performance, because there is 1 enemy in the scene, 
which means that only his 5 animations of 4 pictures will be loaded (but that's not accurate, that's what I think)
But bad for the weight of the game, these animations will take 150mb

Option 2
I create all the animations for 1 enemy in the spriter, import it into the construct 3, 
add sprites of the same parts of other enemies to each body part in construct 3
and replace each of them depending on the selected enemy.
But I don't know how it will affect performance.

Please advise what is better to choose

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Unfortunately for a question like this it's best to do benchmark testing yourself with place-holder art to find out for yourself, because there are too many factors which can make it hard or impossible to estimate... things like the size and number of the frames, how many 'body part' images you use for the Spriter version, which Spriter features you use, the actual target platforms you'll be running the game on, etc.

In general, a regular Construct sprite is faster, BUT if you're making a big, high res boss character, and want it to have lots of animations, and you want those animations to be silky smooth, then using Spriter would be much more efficient for memory and likely also for performance.. Also, with Spriter you can have infinite animated and customizable collision boxes, spawning points, triggers etc.

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@Simon Adeltoft I've not seen this issue and I use Spriter in draw self mode all the time in Construct 3. Could you screen grab it and ideally zip up the Spriter Project (the scml or scon file along with all the required images) and email to to mail@brashmonkey.com for us to take a look? Maybe there's something about the way your PNG's are saved out etc...

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