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Skins is slowing down my computer


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I managed to get it working previously and did and animation with the the regular setting. Made a sprite recently and for some reason it slows down when I try to manipulate it in skins.

I tried making a small one with just one piece and it seemed like it worked. I assuming my comp specs should be good enough to handle.

This is my comp build.


The sprite is about 14 pieces. Size around 1200x800. Last thing I did was give it take the same size.

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Hi Glade. Spriter itself has not changed in a long time (as development has switched to Spriter 2) so if it's performing differently now it must be something other than Spriter itself, like the size or number of images used, the OS, or some other program causing the change in performance.

Also the skin feature was an experimental and not fully implemented and not supported feature, so while we might be able to figure out what's causing the slow-down, there's nothing we can do about on the Spriter side of things. So we can only help by trying to help figure out what is causing the performance issue and seeing if that non-Spriter element can be changed or worked around.

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