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suggestions and issues with construct

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hello there.

ok so heres the thing, ive been animating the enemies the old fashioned way, that is rendering the animations to sprites and putting them in construct etc etc.

But since ive recently just changed my character to spriter draw self mode and saw that its way faster to work this way, meaning i dont have to export new animations again and again, and it saves me memory, has better performance yada yada, i was wanting to do the same with enemies.

so, the problem i now have is...draw self mode, doesnt have any image or frame associated with it, so when i have a bunch of enemies on construct workspace window they all just show as blue almost transparent boxes, and i cant visually figure out what the hell they are xD, unless i click on it of course... so what i mean is, its working fine...but its a bit of a hassle on your workflow when you cant visually see what your working with.

Is there some way around this ? even manually assigning a sprite to it would be fine.

pic for ref.


Also on a spriter´s object action window in construct, there is no condition for checking collisions( at least in draw self mode), why is this ?

the object does make collision boxes when its created, but i cant check them directly. meaning for EX:  i can check the floor´s collision with the spriter object just fine, but i cant check the spriter object collision with the floor. i hope this makes sense.

anyways, spriter is a great software i love it, saves me a bunch of time and its quick and easy to use .when is spriter 2 coming out ? will it have construct 3 support ? it dammmn better  xD cant wait.

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Sorry for the very late reply.
What I do is create a layout only for importing and updating spriter objects into, so it's always very easy to reimport into that one layout, no matter what spriter object it is.
I then create temporary spawner sprites which you can make look like whatever you want, and at start of layout, for each of these place holder sprites, create its coresponding spriter object and delete the place holder sprite at the same location, scale, etc. then delete the place holder sprite in the same action.

as for collision boxes, if you're using platformer behavior then it's best to use a regular Construct sprite set to invisible (a simple rectangle of the right size) to be the actual hidden 'brains' of the character, and pin the spriter object to it. The regular Spriter file would have the platformer behavior.

for general collision detection, you should create the collision boxes in spriter in the animations and you can test those for overlap.

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Hi, Mike! I found your video on collision boxes on youtube, but there was no audio and didn't understand it. I have a complicated animation with an asteroid with four wormy creatures that pop out. I really need to figure out how to get collision working throughout the animation. Is there another tutorial I might check out?

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Okay. I found the documentation on setting up the hitboxes. Any way we could get a tutorial on how to properly implement them in Construct 3? I'm going nuts here. All that work and it just gives me a giant hit box the player can't avoid. Should I be using the family instead of the sprite sheet in my code? I'm very confused, and this seems to be too niche to find a tutorial for.

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