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  1. yeah , i am using the draw self mode, for performance reasons, the game is meant for pc, do you think performance would take a hit if i changed to that mode ?
  2. thanks for the reply haha yes, thats what im doing right now and i can change the weapons in construct without the need to add them to spriter, and it works fine, except... if i have deformations in the animation width or height or even just flipping the image in spriter, it wont translate to construct...if i could select the spriter object´s height and width in construct it might work, but there only seems to be an option for scale ratio ...so basically it works fine for position and angle, but nothing else... anyways if it doesn´t work it doesn´t work, ill just have to compromise, but hey since you guys are working on spriter 2 maybe add those options, to manipulate an individual object´s height and width, and also adding that movie clip ability for looping a sub-entitie´s animation automatically heheh
  3. hi there, new here. short backstory, im working on a metroidvania like platformer, i was making my animations frame by frame in another software with bones and "exporting" the pngs to construct 3, but ive recently (stupid me) seen that you dont have to do any of that with spriter , it saves you time, space and maybe even performance. my character has a multitude of weapons that have animations on them, as one single construct 3 object/sprite. so i made a char map to where the weapon would be on spriter and changed my weapon object on construct to match its position and angle.buuuut its not quite the same, the construct object doesnt know when the spriter char map is flipped or deformed (on the animation) and it makes it weird. i could also just put all the weapons in spriter but then they wouldnt have the animations in them. TLDR: so my question is, is it possible to have character maps with animations in them ?
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