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char maps action points

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I don't know if i right understand, but maybe you can put an action point for each map?

I have map use different weapons, I put in all animation all the point I need, changing the map for place the point correctly

exemple put a GunPoint, change map place my MachingunPoint, in first frame after copy and paste for eache frame when they are correctly placed and parented.

I hope help

sorry for my english

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On 5/5/2020 at 10:43 PM, igalencar said:

In my game i have several char maps.
and i need to action points to the diferent maps since they are in diferent positions.
How to do that?


Hi, there;s no direct way to do that, but you could easily add all the points you need, and prefix their name with the name of the character map, and use a formula in your actions to do things like: "create object at Spriter point string value=CHARMAPNAME&"shooter" "

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