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  1. yes... now i have all on my animation
  2. this hapens when i rapidly click or even on left key or right click.
  3. Im using the draw itself method into construct 3 and a lot of times when im changing animations it glitches (the sprite). im using the actions directly on the spriter object inside construct.
  4. In my game i have several char maps. and i need to action points to the diferent maps since they are in diferent positions. How to do that?
  5. can i use photoshop to scale down all images to 50%, and reload the scml file?
  6. Well now i got the select output filename even if i select.
  7. I have reinstalled the aplication and now it shows. thanks
  8. Acording to this video below, there is a option for draw it self for performance, but i cannot export in that mode because the option was changed for the texture packer. If i can do the same exporting to the texture packer can you please explain how?. ps: and yes i do have it unlocked on both computers.
  9. I have r5 on one computer and r11 on other, and yes i do have pro. as i said i desperaly need the performance export for construct 3.
  10. The new version of spriter does not have the save spritesheet for project option only the save for texture packer How do i export now for construct 3?
  11. Exelent Pack. You guys could do a tutorial of how animate the groups or even the camera, i need it for not only do a intro animation but as well put more frames in the spriter pack
  12. Hi im a game developer i need:1 female character (KID) 8way movement animation for, walking, running, atacking melee, atacking magic, hurt, dying.2 dogs with the same animations 10 shadow figures bosses 20 shadows enemies.. all with the same animations. The references i have for the shadows figures are from ICO and heart of darkness.
  13. Yes it is fixed.. Also... i brought the 3d models because im migrating my game from construct to unreal so i will be using 3d, unfortunaly one of my ships is based on the boss pack that it has on spriter package that i have brought in the scirra store. Is there any way that you guys put that 3d also in the package? Here have a look in the construct version .. that will be out in september...
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