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Where is the save spritesheet for projec???


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3 minutes ago, igalencar said:

I have r5 on one computer and r11 on other, and yes i do have pro.
as i said i desperaly need the performance export for construct 3.

I'm hoping I can help you quickly,  but the more clearly and specifically you answer my questions and requests the faster I'll be able to figure out what's going on. Can you to provide a screen recording or screen grab image showing the missing feature?

Are you following a specific tutorial video or documentation, and if so, can you link to it?

There has been no new build that removed the feature. It should be in the menu under "File/Generate sprite sheet for project images." It's not a matter of whether you 'have' pro, it's a matter of if you've unlocked the pro features on that particular install.



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Acording to this video below, there is a option for draw it self for performance, but i cannot export in that mode because the option was changed for the texture packer.
If i can do the same exporting to the texture packer can you please explain how?.
ps: and yes i do have it unlocked on both computers.


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Are you accidentally choosing the Texture Packer option which is right below it in the menu? You do not want to use the Texture Packer option, you want to use the option above it.

The version of Spriter in the video and the version you have are both R11, and it's the version I use. It has the features exactly as shown in the video. If the feature is missing then go to help in the menu and see if 'activate Spriter pro' is an option... maybe somehow it got deactivated. If that doesn't work, please record your screen and post a video of the missing feature so we can see what's going on.



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There is a red outline around the sprite sheet preview because the image size settings are not beg enough to support all the images. It likely won't let you save until you resolve that by enlarging the texture size to allow everything to fit, but that's likely the least of the problems...
Those images are massive. Most likely you don't need them to be that big. You might be desperate to try the 'draw-self' mode for the Spriter object in Construct because you are forcing it to deal needlessly massive textures. I highly recommend before you export your Spriter project to export it for Construct you use the "File/Other file actions/save as resized" option  to create a scaled down clone of your Spriter project, scaled down to the actual size you need in the game, then export that scaled down clone to import and use in Construct.

That particular Spriter file was designed for people to use to customize their ship in Spriter, and then export the finished ship as sequential image or GIF animations to use in their game engine... the combination of giant images and all the image variants for the character maps is very un-optimized for actual game-play if you try to use it directly.


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If you only reduced the images in Photoshop then they would all be far away from each other and no longer connected how you want in the Spriter project.

The process Spriter does will create a clone of the entire project, including scaled versions of all the images, and it will scale down all the positional data in the new Spriter project to work with the smaller images.  If you don't like the scaling quality of the reduced image, you can re-copy the original sized image into the new scaled down clone Spriter project, and then shrink them to the same size (such as 30 percent or whatever you chose while creating the scaled copy of the Spriter project) using Photoshop or any other program you choose.


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