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Spriter Extension for Godot ?

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I was just wondering if there plans for / or someone interested in making a Godot integration for Spriter?

To those who do not know, Godot is an open source and  totally free Engine written in C++, which support for C# and custom engine script called GDScript. I believe that it is more and more popular amongst indie game devs, and I find it is very interesting in terms of design philosophy and capabilities. I discovered it a little while ago, and I was saddened to see that there was no Spriter plugin to load animations into the engine. Indeed, I feel that Spriter is a much better tool to streamline cut-out animations than the built-in Godot 2D cut-out animation system.

I am currently struggling to create a custom and very limited integration of Spriter's scon files into Godot using GDScript, but it would not be as efficient or fully-featured as the other plugins out there. Since I'm not a real developer myself, I certainly lack the technical knowledge to do a full implementation based of the open-ended C++ (SpriterPlusPlus) and C# (SpriterDotNet) plugins made by Lucid and Loodakrawa.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in adapting these plugins to Godot or at least if Godot integration could be added to the Spriter 2 roadmap?



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