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Game assets and characters for game developers

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Hi all! I'd like to share my game asset library gamedeveloperstudio.com.   It's a huge library of game assets all in one style so you can mix and match assets from across site and still maintain a sense of artistic continuity within your game project. 

If you've already got knowledge of Spriter you'll be glad to know that all my animated characters are created using this sofware and I supply all my assets with the working SCML file so you can tweak the characters to your hearts delight.   

You can see all my work on the site check it out gamedeveloperstudio.com



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Thanks Mike! And thank you to you and the team  for Spriter!  I've been using it for years now, It's so fast and simple to use which makes it the perfect tool for my purpose. Being able to distribute rigged puppets created in an easy to learn yet powerful and affordable piece of software which others can easily use has really allowed me to do what I do! 

Thank you!

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Wow Robert like your style and excellent site. Now i got to buy spriter and some of Roberts assets which include spriter files, also plus since there are svg included. I am a painter and music composer, coder too but animation I never really got into it. Spine has support in game maker but i go with both, i can use spritesheet exports from spriter. 

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