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Unparenting bones

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Is there any way in Spriter Essentials Edition to take an existing bone and parent it to the root level?  I can create an entirely new bone at the root by alt-clicking in the viewport, but I can't figure out how to take an existing bone in a hierarchy and move it up to the same level as the start of its chain.

Also, is there any way to parent sprites back to the root level once they've been parented under a bone?  Or how to reparent multiple sprites at once?

Running on Linux (Linux Mint) if that helps.



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Do I understand you want to set a bone to be the first bone in the hierarchy that other bones will then be a child of?

It's my understanding you can left click and drag in the hierarchy window to move a bone to anywhere in the hierarchy, but there's no way to drag a bone to make it the parent of all existing bones and images if they are not already assigned as children to another bone in the chain.

(Unfortunately this will only work properly if you don't have any additional key-frames)

What you want to do is:

  • Make sure you're on at zero in the timeline
  • create your new bone you want to be the parent to the other bones
  • click the hierarchy tab to reveal the hierarchy window and drag the current most foundational bone (the current bone that is already the parent of all the other images and bones) onto the new bone. This will make it and all it's children subordinate to the new bone.

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