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  1. Thanks for the catch on that, WinterGuardian. Also thanks for the updated approach, lucid. It took a bit of testing, but I managed to get my implementation working about two weeks ago. Now I'm working on fleshing out more of the core game loop, and then I can move into final art production where I'll be able to actually use Spriter in my code. Cheers! mduffor
  2. The reference I'm using is from a post on this forum from February: http://www.brashmonkey.com/ScmlDocs/ScmlReference.html I briefly looked over the code of the C++ implementation, and I see that there are a lot of features that aren't covered by the spec (such as eventlines, soundlines, taglines, and varlines, as well as primitive types outside of bones and sprites), but it is easier to implement from the spec than from the code of a specific implementation. I'm not planning on needing mesh deformation for my current project, but it would be very nice to utilize on my next one. If there is anything you need from the community in order to help the process along, I'm sure people would be available to help. Cheers!
  3. Hey Mike and Lucid, I'm wrapping up implementing my own scml parser, and had a few quick questions. Timeline keys have a <key> tag, with <object> or <bone> child elements. Am I correct in assuming that the <key> tag will only ever have a single child element, either of type <object> or of type <bone>? In Animation::setCurrentTime (), you loop by modding the newTime against 360. Why 360? Also in Animation::setCurrentTime, you pass "currentTime" down to updateCharacter(). Was that supposed to be "newTime" instead? Same question goes for keyFromRef, where it calls interpolate() at the bottom. Similar question for Animation::mainlineKeyFromTime, should the comparisons be using "time" instead of "currentTime"? In BoneTimelineKey, you name the variables "length" and "width", but then use "length" and "height" in paint(). I'm assuming height should be width there. And finally, while I have you in the habit of answering questions, any word yet on mesh deformation support in Spriter? Is it something you are targeting for calendar year 2017? Cheers! Michael Duffy
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