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Crash with skins mode

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Hi, I've been with this problem for months. But I can not take it anymore ..
When creating a project, I add the pieces of my sprite to the scene in skins mode. Then I add the bones joining them to each part (I save the project). 
Then, I begin to add the points of skins.
In this part is all bug, first its z order disappears, I can not change the properties of the objects.
 But suddenly somewhere in the mesh to which I add the points crashea.
 I lose all my project and I must do one and again from 0, since when crashing, the saved file no longer considers the parts as skins, and points can not be added to it.
 Now, 1 of every 7 attempts works adding points to each part of the mesh ( I keep). But if I close it or a crash occurs, when reopening the project, it has all its parts scattered in the scene, 
which I suppose is due to the first point of the problem, the z order disappears along with the properties of the objects , so they do not have a rotation or position in XY saved. and there I must do it again ...
I use the latest updated version from Steam.
One more thing, I know that those who bought pro spriter will give spriter 2, will it be a permanent subscription forever? Because it really depresses me a lot to animate again and again you see a character .. 
and as we know, a character has many animations, and I make several characters ... 
Imagine the patience I have to make the animation of only one character one and again until each animation works, then continue with the other character ... 
As I said, the chance of achieving an animation is 1 of 7 attempts. Sorry to write so much, but I really feel very frustrated and depressed, I do not have money to buy spine, I bought Spriter because it does almost the same, but I did not think there would not be updates or bug fixes.

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Hi Chilean01,

Sorry for the frustration you've been having. The Skin mode feature in Spriter Pro was proof of concept and by necessity not finished or supported by any of the Spriter run-times.  We left it in because many of our strongest Spriter users found it useful and made great animations with it despite its known bugs and incomplete state, but we don't list it as a feature and did our best to make sure videos that show skin mode make it clear it's an abandoned feature.

The fact that we couldn't finish skin mode in Spriter is a very big part of why Spriter 2 will be a free upgrade for those who had purchased Spriter Pro. Unfortunately, Spriter 2 is in fairly early alpha, so it's too soon for a useful estimate for when it will be fully usable for projects.

If you purchased Spriter Pro under the false assumption that skin mode was finished or would be finished in Spriter Pro then please email support@brashmonkey.com or mail@brashmonkey.com so we can make sure you are a happy customer and help make sure no-one else is mislead in the same way.


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