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  1. Hi, I've been with this problem for months. But I can not take it anymore .. When creating a project, I add the pieces of my sprite to the scene in skins mode. Then I add the bones joining them to each part (I save the project). Then, I begin to add the points of skins. In this part is all bug, first its z order disappears, I can not change the properties of the objects. But suddenly somewhere in the mesh to which I add the points crashea. I lose all my project and I must do one and again from 0, since when crashing, the saved file no longer considers the parts as skins, and points can not be added to it. Now, 1 of every 7 attempts works adding points to each part of the mesh ( I keep). But if I close it or a crash occurs, when reopening the project, it has all its parts scattered in the scene, which I suppose is due to the first point of the problem, the z order disappears along with the properties of the objects , so they do not have a rotation or position in XY saved. and there I must do it again ... I use the latest updated version from Steam. One more thing, I know that those who bought pro spriter will give spriter 2, will it be a permanent subscription forever? Because it really depresses me a lot to animate again and again you see a character .. and as we know, a character has many animations, and I make several characters ... Imagine the patience I have to make the animation of only one character one and again until each animation works, then continue with the other character ... As I said, the chance of achieving an animation is 1 of 7 attempts. Sorry to write so much, but I really feel very frustrated and depressed, I do not have money to buy spine, I bought Spriter because it does almost the same, but I did not think there would not be updates or bug fixes.
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