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hello there

im a newbie in spriter and wanted to check out my first animation in unity..

i have a problem with implementing my animations in Unity, they are breaking for no reasonable reason...

ok, i see im not able to add videos, well anyway, i had an animation with a guy throwing a sword in the air and grabbing it.

in spriter it works just fine, but in unity the sword flys mid air 5 meter away to the left and then back to the hand of the cahracter?

is there any known issue to this?

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Yes, there are known limitations to Spriter2Unity. Because it has to convert to Unity's native format, there are some Spriter features it can not successfully reproduce.
These issues are mentioned and discussed on the page dedicated to Spriter 2 Unity.


You can consider using SpriterDotNet for Unity, which more thoroughly supports Spriter features, but has a steeper learning curve because it does not convert to native Unity format.

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