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  1. hey there so i use the spriter tool to make 2D animations for unity, but i got trouble at one point.. if i import the animations, work with them for some days and i want to add some new animation which contains new sprites. so whenever i import this new animations to unity, it wont show the new added "fireball" or "boltshock" sprite when he starts doing the animation.. i imported the sprites also to unity, but it just dont work at all at this point... until now i was just completely deleting my character and adding a new character with its new animations, but after you have 10+ animations its a pain in the *** to reorder and transit all the animations to each other in the Unity Animator^^
  2. hello there im a newbie in spriter and wanted to check out my first animation in unity.. i have a problem with implementing my animations in Unity, they are breaking for no reasonable reason... ok, i see im not able to add videos, well anyway, i had an animation with a guy throwing a sword in the air and grabbing it. in spriter it works just fine, but in unity the sword flys mid air 5 meter away to the left and then back to the hand of the cahracter? is there any known issue to this?
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