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Can't export at proper resolution

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I have art from a pack with vector body parts and .scml files. Here's an example of one of the body parts.


The pre-made animations from the .scml files have already been previously exported as PNG sequences. Here's an example of an exported frame.


I would like to be able to customize my own animations, but no matter what I do, I can't seem to get my export resolution to come out to 96x96 as shown in the screenshot above. It always comes out as 72x72.

I understand how to set the Animation Export Box Size, I understand how to change the output scale, and I understand how to resize the entire project. Resizing the dimensions is not the issue, the problem is the resolution:


I've tried changing nothing, and I've tried changing everything. Is this because the body parts resolution is 72x72? How do I get 96x96 exports like the original animator?

Does it even make a difference? Should I even care?

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The words Dimensions and Resolutions are causing confusion. Dimensions typically means number of pixels across and down.. it sounds like this is what you need to be 72x72 pixels. Is this right?

Resolution tends to be pointless for on-screen graphics...  its DPI for printing, as in 72x72 dots per inch.

I'm afraid we'd need to see the actual files etc to be able to know for sure what's going on. Have you contacted the creator of the art pack?


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Yeah I'm a complete noob when it comes to all this, and I assumed that this had something to do with how I was exporting the pngs from Spriter. 

You're right, of course. The word "Resolution" was causing confusion, and the "DPI", as you called it, is apparently only relevant for printing.

Now I can get to work with the peace of mind that I'm not doing anything wrong. I appreciate you taking the time to reply!

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