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Spriter 2: existing .scml files/Monogame support

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Is it possible to use existing .scml files with Spriter 2 or convert them to a new format somehow? Reading as Spriter 2 "is being built from the ground up" I would assume that it's not possible to use existing .scml files.

Oh and is there Monogame support for the new files or will this have to be developed by third parties first?

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sorry, no, it won't be possible. At least not for a long while, if ever. It's possible a converter could be made, but that would be a very low priority until Spriter 2 reaches version 1.0 (feature complete and stable.)

It's also too early for us to know or announce what authoring systems will be supported when, and if by third parties or ourselves. Our first goal is to support the most used authoring systems/ languages with open sourced run-times/plug-ins so that anyone can potentially port it for use in another authoring system or their own custom game engines.

Only after Spriter 2 is at 1.0 will we be able to start road-mapping support for other platforms.

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