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I had this problem in 3DS Max with their biped rig. I'm locking my rigs feet with IK, and I simply want them to bend down; so I move their core down, and it seems to work. However, when I play the animation back, their feet move in a circular motion even though they should be static. Normally, I could fix this by keying every frame; but since Spriter works in milliseconds, that isn't really an option.

Is there a way to fix this? or a way around it?

Thank you.

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Hey, no need to reply anymore. I had purchased Spriter because I didn't want to dish out $300 for Spine. I realize the mistake I've made now. I'm now out $80 CAD.

After struggling with various aspects of Spriter, such as the general baffling design of the UI, timeline, other various functions, and the frustratingly barely-functional and bug-ridden Spriter2Unity and Spriterdotnet, and wasting my entire Saturday; I began browsing help forums (for the hundredth time) and discovered Puppet2D. I bought it for $30, and I'm honestly shocked at how much better it is in every aspect over Spriter when it comes to Unity.

I realize Spriter needs to work with other engines, and it's disadvantaged over engine-specific tools, but even considering those factors, it's really bad.

I don't mean to offend you, and I'm not going to ask for a refund (though, I doubt I'd get one anyway), as it was my mistake to purchase Spriter without further research and testing of your free trial.

However, I wanted you to know that you have failed me. I will likely never use Spriter again, as I doubt Spriter2 will be any better; though, I hope you prove me wrong.

Enjoy the $60 USD that I've gifted to you.

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First, I`m not related to Spriter development in any way.

I personally found it impossible to understand what you were trying to ask in your first post when I read it. To me it looked that you had some 3ds max problems and your explanation was very unclear to me. Also, despite many other similar tools Spriter is totally free and allows you to create and export a working project without paying a cent.

To me it looks like you`ve not done your homework giving it a nice try in order to decide if it`s for you. It took me several hours to get used to it and start creating content. I was able to fully implement its format in my in house engine in maybe less than 60 hours of work, including the metadata, boxes, tags and events (things you probably never knew existed). I find it very nice and useful, also very powerful in its own way. It`s one of the applications I`m really glad to own. Sorry to hear you`re not happy with it. Good luck!

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I'm very sorry for the late reply and the frustration this caused. The solution is to add key frames as needed and tweak those key frames to keep the feet from moving. Adding a few, spaced out key frames to keep the feet where you want them should do the trick.

However, you can also right-click on any key frame of any object and change it's tweening type to instant which makes it not tween at all, so you could break up an animation to any FPS you want, with nothing but key frames.


The important concept here is to remember that the IK stuff in Spriter is specifically to help you pose key-frames quickly, it does not in any way effect the tweening between those keyframes.

This video covers the most important aspects of the timeline in Spriter. Start at 6:45 to see how to turn on timeline snapping and set that up.

Please be aware there's also a manual built into Spriter if you choose help/help in its menu.

The fastest way to get direct help is to email support@brashmonkey.com or you can email me directly at mike@brashmonkey.com 

I'd be happy to arrange time to help you with any remaining Spriter issues via Skype chat with screen sharing so I can answer any workflow questions etc. as quickly and clearly as possible.

Please contact me at mike@brashmonkey.com or private message here on the forums so we can discuss making sure you are happy with your purchase.

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