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  1. Hey, no need to reply anymore. I had purchased Spriter because I didn't want to dish out $300 for Spine. I realize the mistake I've made now. I'm now out $80 CAD. After struggling with various aspects of Spriter, such as the general baffling design of the UI, timeline, other various functions, and the frustratingly barely-functional and bug-ridden Spriter2Unity and Spriterdotnet, and wasting my entire Saturday; I began browsing help forums (for the hundredth time) and discovered Puppet2D. I bought it for $30, and I'm honestly shocked at how much better it is in every aspect over Spriter w
  2. Hello, I had this problem in 3DS Max with their biped rig. I'm locking my rigs feet with IK, and I simply want them to bend down; so I move their core down, and it seems to work. However, when I play the animation back, their feet move in a circular motion even though they should be static. Normally, I could fix this by keying every frame; but since Spriter works in milliseconds, that isn't really an option. Is there a way to fix this? or a way around it? Thank you.
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