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Private beta testing will begin in the end of the year for people who bought Spriter before 3-th of august (me included). As for official stable release we`ll see, but as a developer myself I personally don`t expect it before april 2019. In any case we have Spriter to play with until then. I only hope they`ll release at least one more Spriter release at some point, as it has some bugs that are driving me crazy and must be fixed IMO. I`ll report them with minimal repro cases when I`m ready.

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7 minutes ago, JohnTDA said:

Hi I bought Spriter well before August on Steam but the link to the Spriter 2 beta on steam doesn't work. Is there an alternative method? Thanks


If you make sure you are logged into your steam account in your browser and that steam account is t he one that owns Spriter, then the link should work. Please make sure you are logged into your steam account in that browser before trying the link and let us know if you still have any issues.

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