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  1. Thanks, that worked. Originally I launched from the steam desktop which didn't transfer the login details.
  2. Hi I bought Spriter well before August on Steam but the link to the Spriter 2 beta on steam doesn't work. Is there an alternative method? Thanks
  3. I'm relatively new to SpriterPro but I've hit an issue where I want to cycle a series of images continuously over the course of an animation. Specifically it's an 8 frame conveyor belt cycle that appears in the background of an introduction animation that's 15 seconds. Is there a way to easily cycle the images? Also is there a way to lock and or hide tracks once you finished with aspects of the animation? eg at the moment once I put the conveyor belt cycles in I have keyframes on every frame. Is it possible to get around this? Great work with Spriter, as a long term animator I really enjoyed the straight-forward workflow.
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