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How to trim or crop images imported?

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I am developing a game which requires players to go through boxes. When the player goes through the box, I want to animate the box shattering into fragments which dissipate as they move outward. I already cut the box image into 14 png's. I saved all 14 png's with the original size, so I could easily line them up in Spriter using the centerpoint  as the pivot. 


Now that my images are all in place, I would like to cut, trim or crop each chunk and change the pivot point to the center of each piece, for ease of manipulation during animation. I am very new to Spriter Pro, so I appreciate any guidance with this issue. Thanks in advance!

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You should double-click the images name in the file palette to change its default pivot point.

There's no way to trim an image from within Spriter, you should do that before importing it.
Just use an image of the fully assembled box as a guide to assemble the box out of fragments, then delete the guide image once you're done.


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