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  1. Ok, so I have discovered that I can change the pivot point from the pallet menu after placing the images. This makes life easier!
  2. I am developing a game which requires players to go through boxes. When the player goes through the box, I want to animate the box shattering into fragments which dissipate as they move outward. I already cut the box image into 14 png's. I saved all 14 png's with the original size, so I could easily line them up in Spriter using the centerpoint as the pivot. Now that my images are all in place, I would like to cut, trim or crop each chunk and change the pivot point to the center of each piece, for ease of manipulation during animation. I am very new to Spriter Pro, so I appreciat
  3. Thanks Mike, I'll do that when I get back to my office. I appreciate the rapid response.
  4. So I am having the same issue with my animation not creating a spreadsheet. the image is 400x400, and the timeline is 400. I tried saving it at 50% scale and still no sheet. Any help would be appreciated. Im using AGK so an animation sheet is the only thing I can work with. bigbox.scml
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