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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, When i try to import/drag a PNG onto spriter it drops it in with a white background however on Photoshop there is no white background! This is very important as I am currently doing an assignment and I am stuck because of this issue, Thanks,Josh
  2. Hi, We have this problem that when exporting one character animation to sprite sheet the tiles are too close together that Unity can't recognize each tile, the other characters export ok. Is there a way to assign a little space between each sprite tile when exporting? Thanks.
  3. Hi all, I'm having the following problem can't solve... The artist made 3 animations for a character, Walking, Idle, and Picking (picks coins from the ground). The problem is that when exporting those 3 different animations to png I found that the whole character on the Picking animation is of different size than in the other 2 animations. I see it when I import it into Unity and drag it to the Scene. When I export I don't change any settings and the width and height are at 100% and in the animation timelines they all look the same size... what could I be screwing up?
  4. i have one question also and sorry for ,my im very new with 2d just started . i have one question for now that i cant find any documentation or any tuto and i dont even if its possible the question is : I have an image png image and there is a character inside that i want to animate with skeleton but i have to slice the hand arms legs body parts so is it possible to cut the body parts of this character on this image and then use this part to animate it thank you very much i have one question also and sorry for ,my im very new with 2d just started . i have
  5. Hello, I am completely new to Spriter and my question may therefore be pretty simple... I have bought a character sprite animated with Spriter but the size of the sprite is not correct and I do not want to scale the png for quality reasons. I would like to know if I can simply create new "body parts" in AI in the correct size and then just replace the png:s in the existing Spriter animation without having to remake the animation.
  6. How to export GIF to specific resolution?
  7. I am export frames to png. The problem I have is the already existing frames ( run, walk, jump, etc.. ) have the character starting at 125,130 in the png that is 533x460 pixels. I created the character skipping and I now want to export to 20 PNG files. Using the export animation to PNG. How can I set the offset to be 125,130 so the png's are centered to match the existing frames
  8. Hi I just bought the pro license today to try and solve a simple issue for me but on following the first tutorial, I am stuck with an issue. Basically I have square box with some eyes on it and I want to create like 20 different png files animating a rotation but can't get it to work on the software. Please can anyone help with this.
  9. Hi I just got Construct2 and Spriter Pro and reading around Construct2 they say keep projects to under 100mb although now I am not sure if that is total file size or total memory usage. I understand that using the scml/scon file is more economical than exporting whole frames or sprite sheets for animation and that in itself will be better for memory usage. What I am wondering is when the game is exported where are the image files from the spriter animation? Do the images in the scml/scon file get decompressed the way they say the sprite objects in Construct2 do so that download size is much
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